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It’s Winterthing again!

It's Winterthing again!

The gift-giving season is upon us, and here’s a little list from me to help you this year. ^_^ Please, let me know things you’d like, too, in the comments or by email.

I would like
—unused stamps (USPS), any denomination
—movie money (that is, certificates redeemable at “a movie theater near you”)
—a binder/folder/holder in which to store business cards
Supernatural, Season 1
Sherlock (BBC), Season 2
Merlin (BBC), Season 3
—funky socks (I wear size 10 Women’s shoes)
—nice-smelling bar soaps
—your favorite book of all time (and a letter telling me why you love it!)
—money $$$

and my longshot wish is
—a better paying job that I would actually enjoy doing


I can see snowflakes
on your eyelashes
when you walk in the door.
They melt quickly,
but the crisp pine smell
you bring with you lingers.
Sweep me up into your embrace
without bothering with your
jacket or gloves and tell me just
how much you adore me just in case
I’ve forgotten since the last time
you arrived home. Kiss me
and let the melted snow in your hair
drip onto my cheeks like tears.
Love me cold and hard,
day and night.

by V.E. Duncan