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FFF 20: After battle

I fell hard as Nox was tripped by spear shafts, and landed hard. One savage came at me, ax swinging for my head, and I rolled aside quickly and onto my feet, sword ready. He swung again, his axe having the superior reach to my blade, and I blocked the strike with my sword, the blade breaking from the impact. I eyed his jagged, bearded grin as he laughed and brought the axe up to strike again.

And then there was a flash of silver fur and he was gone.

Thanks, Blade. I whirled as a roar behind me brought me to attention, and crossed my arms defensively as another barbarian attacked, his sword striking my gauntlets hard. Sparks flew, and I dropped to one knee from the force of the blow. He tried stabbing at me, but I rolled sideways, bringing one fist hard into his jaw as I came up. I may not have a sword, but if I could get past theirs, my fists worked just as well.

He staggered, then came at me again. This time, I moved faster, grabbing his shoulder and spinning him into a tight hold to snap his neck neatly. I snatched up the sword as it dropped and shoved away the body to face the next attacker. . .


I sat down hard with a sigh, glancing to the shattered tree nearby. Struck by coldfire, it had frozen solid and shattered like glass with the blow of an axe. I tapped the tree behind me cautiously–I couldn’t see any blue or unusual amounts of frost on it, and a firm blow after several taps did nothing. With a sigh, I leaned back. Bloody from scratches of my own, covered in blood from others. . . What a mess.

I felt a sword blade touch my neck, and opened my eyes to meet the gaze of a badly wounded barbarian. He looked more dead than alive, and I watched him calmly for several long moments.

“Lupus!” Djuron was hurrying toward me in alarm, but I only closed my eyes again and shrugged. I heard the thump as the barbarian collapsed before he could do any harm, and sighed, wishing the birds hadn’t stopped singing. Battles always did scare them away.

“Lupus! Are you all right?” Djuron demanded, dropping to his knees before me. I smiled.

“Yes, Djuron, I am just fine. Very, very tired, but fine.”

“We were worried when we couldn’t find you,” he scolded.

I laughed. “You think a little skirmish like this would lose me?”

“Well, we did find your sword in pieces.” Djuron was still scolding me like a worried old woman.

“Oh, that old thing. . . Broke at the beginning of the whole mess. Next time I’ll get one that can handle an axe.” I heard a single bird twitter and smiled, opening my eyes to look skyward. A lark fluttered past, frightened by the approach of a horse, and I watched it go sadly.

“Come, Lupus, let’s get you cleaned off.” Djuron gave me a firm hand up, and I stretched. Studying the blade I still held that I’d taken after breaking the second, I tossed it aside with a shrug, following him back to camp.

This post is part of Flash Fiction February.