Daily Archives: Friday, 28 February 2014

FFF 28: Sign

“What’s the difference between decompose and decompress?”

“Get in the car.”

“Not until you explain it to me.”

“How ’bout you get in the car and I’ll explain on the way?”

“It’s important.”

“We’re in a hurry. We don’t have time to chat about words.”

“This isn’t a chat; it’s important.”

“Get in the car. Now.”

“No; I need to know.”


“There’s a sign back there that says something about decomposing, but the way it was written, I think they meant decompressing. Well, I hope they meant decompressing.”

“And if we keep going…”

“We might have to turn around anyway, if the sign said what I think it said.”

This post is part of Flash Fiction February.