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Poetry 30, 2014

Woman hit by car while crossing the street with friends, pronounced dead at the scene

The night I died, I laughed
so hard I couldn’t breathe
Some things are a split second
and some are a second longer, but
everything speeds up when good things
happen and slows down when bad things happen
so that night I was frozen in time:

Prompt: Write a poem where something (big or small, abstract or concrete) comes to an end. NaPoWriMo

Poetry 29, 2014


A non-boring human being who enjoys radical action toward social equity and quiet evenings by the fireside. Biological sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation is unimportant as long as sexual intercourse is only discussed rather than acted upon, as I tend toward demisexuality. Intimacy preferred, but not romance. Loves reading and cracking jokes during crappy movies. Willing to share an apartment or house and upkeep duties, but not a bedroom. Open relationship is fine as long as we are both honest. NOT looking for a 50s-housewife scenario; sexist men will be dumped over the nearest cliff.

Prompt: Write a prose poem. NaPoWriMo

Poetry 27, 2014

Nail clipping
should not be
such a ritual.

I sit at my desk
and pore over my
fingers and nails,

looking for even
the slightest imperfection.
Inevitably, I find one:

an uneven free margin,
a hangnail,
an ugly cuticle.

I attempt removal, but,
because I am so determined
and thorough, that almost always

leads to pain and bleeding.
Without my body’s regenerative
qualities, I would

already have worried
off my fingertips

Prompt: Spend time with an object you feel connected to. Write a poem using the object to construct an extended metaphor. NaPoWriMo

Poetry 26, 2014

See the fairy chase its own tale?
Stamped with longing, it creates a vortex
using only laughter. It is known:
Once believed, so refined.

Verbs found in (very short) article: believed, stamped, chase, is, using, creates, refined, and see.

Prompt: Circle all the verbs in a magazine article. Use as many of them as you can to construct a poem. NaPoWriMo

Poetry 24, 2014

Listen; audio only; *.mov file; 1 min. 53 sec.

Hand Over Saw

One day, during one of my MFA program residencies,
one of the professors got up on stage and told us
that we could do anything we wanted to.
We could write an epic; we could write the next
Great American Novel; and with persistence and dedication,
we could become the best writer we had ever known.

To prove this point, she said,
“When I was younger, after I’d had my first child,
I managed to get into my head the idea that I
could do anything I wanted to, if I tried hard enough.
So, I started taking karate.
I am now a black belt in karate

“and I am about to show you how to break
a board with your hand.” She stepped back, and two
other professors brought a board and laid it
out over two piles of bricks on stage. After some
hemming and hawwing, she moved forward and sunk
her hand down onto the board as quickly as she could.

It did not break.
She tried again;
it didn’t break then, either.
Unfortunately, she never got it to break that day,
and the only thing I learned was
sometimes, you just need a saw.

Prompt: Compose a poem out loud. Use a tape recorder, smartphone, or have someone write it down for you. NaPoWriMo