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5 Reasons

I think it’s high time I resurrect my posts covering the reasons I should be happy each day. You can learn more about my inspiration here. In the meantime, I will be continuing “Five Reasons I Should Be Happy Today” here in this journal, starting where I left off at #300.

To differentiate between posts I imported from my original journal and posts on this journal meant to continue listing my reasons, I have created a new category: “powerof5″… This entry is the only one in this journal that has been (and ever will be) tagged with the old category and the new one, so as to create a bridge between the two.

I’m doing this for my benefit, no one else’s; but, I do hope others receive enjoyment from my reasons, too. Maybe you all will post with your own reasons, should you feel so inclined. At the very least, one or two will make you think about the world around us and hopefully appreciate the things we regularly take for granted.

On to the happiness!

Day Two hundred ninety-eight

  1. Resolving to (finally) get my homework done and get Duncan Heights up and working. Enough dawdling!
  2. Although I disagree with some of what it says, this article has some decent advice (for men and women).
  3. Watch this music video by Kanye West. Then, watch this (and, may I say, much better) version.
  4. Watch the genius short webisodes of The Guild (the first one is linked). AMAZING.
  5. Spiderman is all about educating the masses, man! Rock on, Spidey!

Day Two hundred ninety-seven

  1. Starting up this blog again!
  2. Having Veronica with me again! O, my love, it’s been too long! (In case you don’t remember, Veronica is my computer.)
  3. I’ve moved to New York! And I’ll be moving out of this roach-infested place this week! YAY.
  4. Went to Otakon courtesy of [info]galvan_joisner and [info]mib24601. Thanks, guys!
  5. Taking a cool shower when it’s really hot outside… like right about now.

I’m back, baby!

As you can see, I missed out on ALL of June and (nearly) all of July… which is pretty sad, considering that I was/am a mere FOUR posts away from 300 (x5) reasons why I should be happy today. Many are repeats, but I think that’s okay ’cause it lets me know what I really care about… like NOT ending sentences in prepositions. Gah. I hate that. But, nay nay… Back to things that make me HAPPY, not hateful. Yay for happy.

295 #3, #4: Pirates!

Hoist the Colours

The king and his men stole the queen
From her bed and bound her in her Bones
The seas be ours and by the powers
Where we will we’ll roam

Yo Ho, All Together
Hoist the Colours High
Heave Ho, Thieves and Beggers
Never Shall We Die!

Some men have died and some
Are alive and others sail on the sea —
With the keys to the cage and the Devil to pay
We lay to Fiddler’s Green.

The bell has been raised from its
Watery grave; do you hear its sepulchral tone?
We are a calling all, pay heed the squall
And turn your sail toward home.