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Day Two hundred eighty-eight

  1. Daylin enjoyed her surprise party.
  2. One of four classes down, three to go.
  3. Beltane was yesterday. Small celebration, but a celebration nonetheless.
  4. Ben called his boss on Friday; now it’s up to her to contact him.
  5. Interview with NYC Teaching Fellows went well.

Day Two hundred eighty-seven

  1. Today is Daylin and Pedro’s birthday! YAY. Happy birthday to both of you!
  2. Got almost half of my independent study paper done. Gotta keep trudging along.
  3. Hahahah. NOT picking up the phone when I don’t want to and/or don’t have to.
  4. Communications dinner on Monday and English Dept. dinner last night = very good.
  5. The weather here is absolutely beautiful! It’s lovely.

Impromptu hiatus

As you may have noticed, I have not bee updating this site with any kind of regularity. It’s that time of the year again–finals–and I really canNOT afford to screw these up. I have less than two weeks of school left before I officially graduate from undergrad, and I’ve got to get some shit done before that happens. In no particular order (although the first five are currently most important):

1. His374 take home final.
2. His490 paper.
3. Eng210 final.
4. Eng480 manuscript.
5. NYCTF interview.
6. Wilkes Uni. personal statement.
7. New College personal statement.
8. College loan stuff.
9. Exit interviews.

Day Two hundred eighty-six

  1. Started looking for apartments in New York today…
  2. … and there’s hope of finding a decent place under $550/month.
  3. Alive… although many comrades have fallen. I stay in hiding.
  4. Coming up with a plan (slowly) to stay alive tomorrow (see #3).
  5. Soooo. sleepy…. but must. not. let my… guard down!

Day Two hundred eighty-four

  1. Pedro and I are still alive! (Learn more about ZvH.)
  2. Impromptu creative writing with the other humans (see #1).
  3. Talked with Bennett on the phone for three hours. Longest phone conversation we’ve ever had–and 2/3 of it was actually worthwhile.
  4. Friday the 13th… all I need now is for a black cat to cross my path while I’m walking under a ladder. LOL.
  5. OMG. Jon Stewart is a GENIUS.