12 Moments 11: #08

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#08 is Gundam Wing‘s (ANN) fanfiction numbering scheme because I’ve never seen anything quite like it in any other fandom.

So, each of the pilots have code numbers. The main character, Heero Yuy, is 01 (Zero-One). Here’s the rundown, before I explain further.

Numbered characters
Heero Yuy = 01
Duo Maxwell = 02
Trowa Barton = 03
Quatre Raberba Winner = 04
Chang Wufei = 05
Zechs Merquise* = 06
Lucrezia Noin = 09
Lady Une = 11
Treize Khushrenada = 13

* Zech Merquise is also known as Millardo Peacecraft.

Unnumbered characters
Relena Peacecraft = R
Hilde Schbeiker = H
Catherine Bloom = C
Dorothy Catalonia = D
Sally Po = S

There are, of course, other characters (even other important characters, actually), but I won’t be going into them here because I really just want to talk about the way the fandom has managed to create an entire code to describe in the headings the fiction that’s written for Gundam Wing.

For example, you’ll likely see something like this at the top of any piece of GW fiction you might read.

1×2, 3+C, 13x5x6

And yes, that actually means stuff. Let me translate… well, it’s more complicated than it at first seems, even if you can recognize the pairings.

First pairing: 1×2. That is, Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell have a romantic/sexual relationship.
Second pairing: 3+C. Trowa Barton and Catherine Bloom have a close friendship.
Third pairing: 13x5x6. Trieze Khushrenada, Chang Wufei, and Zechs Marquise all have a romantic/sexual relationship.

Here’s the thing, though. If it were just that, which is the more obvious part, then it wouldn’t matter in what order the numbers were written. Except, as you may have noticed, the order matters. When is comes to male/male pairings, the character who’s represented by the first number (for example, Trowa—pilot 03—in “3×4”) is the dominant personality in the relationship. He’s the “giving” partner, if you know what I mean, and the person represented by the second number (Quatre, pilot 04, in this case) is the “receiving” partner. In terms of this anime, I don’t really read het, but the pairings that I’ve seen that are het always assume that the woman is “receiving” partner… which, I guess, is technically true.

But wait, it gets more complicated. If there are three partners (ie: 13x5x6, as above), the most dominant partner is first (Treize, 13) and the second most dominant partner is last (Zechs, 06). The most submissive partner is in the middle (Wufei, 05). If there are more than three participants, however, all bets are off. (So if someone wrote “1x2x3x4x5” then it is what it looks like—an orgy—and there’s not really any sense of it to be made.)

But wait, there’s still more. What if you see something like “1x2x1”? If you go by the threesome thing, you might be really confused, but actually it’s just shorthand (you know, because all this code isn’t shorthand enough already) for “1×2/2×1” which means that both partners switch giving and receiving, so to speak.

And, in case you’re wondering, the most common yaoi pairings in Gundam Wing fanfiction are

13×6 and

while the most common het pairings in yaoi are

5xS and

And yes, I could go on and on, but I think that should be for another time. At least now you can decipher the numbering in the headings of GW fanfics. Go you.

12 Moments 11: #10

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#10 is my actually having finished my Anime Expo recap before attending Yaoi-Con this year. Seriously, that was a big hurdle for me. Speaking of Yaoi-Con… hahaha.. I’m still working on that. >_>

I’m really trying to get better about posting shortly after I’ve finished a book or movie or series, or shortly after the event has ended, but my strong point has never been self-discipline, so getting the Anime Expo stuff (which finished in early July) done in October—you know, as opposed to never—was a great success.

See, even Chad (from BLEACH) is giving me a thumbs up. ^_^;;

Chad from BLEACH

12 Moments 11: #11

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#11 is the seemingly random and yet completely unnoticed (by the other characters) animal characters in Princess Tutu (ANN), of which Neko-sensei is the most prominent. There’s also an anteater-girl, a goat-girl, and others. I watched the first 13 episodes of Princess Tutu on the recommendation of an acquaintance of mine. As each episode began, I kept thinking to myself, “Well, it’s not that bad, yet, I’ll just see what this episode is like.” Well, I watched 13 entire episodes that way, and while I think the overarching story line is intriguing, I just don’t know enough about ballet (and don’t know the story lines of any given ballet—even The Nutcracker—well enough) for the way each episode plays out to keep my interest.

Neko-sensei stretching

Also, the humanized animal characters were really distracting. I didn’t think it would be a big deal for me at first since the main character herself spends some of her time as a duck, but two things took away from that. First, when Ahiru (the main character, Princess Tutu) is actually a duck, she’s the size of a regular duck. The other animal characters (Neko-sensei, Anteater-girl, etc.) are human-sized animals that walk on their hind legs and use human language. Second, the main character doesn’t spend all of her time as a duck (in fact, she spends nearly none of it that way since, as she herself points out in more than one episode, it’s kind of hard for a little duck to do anything about saving the world or the prince), so I can still imagine her as a human who occasionally transforms… instead of a giant cat or giant goat or whathaveyou.

I don’t know, maybe they have a purpose later in the series, but I didn’t get far enough to see the point. I felt like I was sitting there, in the classroom with a bunch of other (human) ballet students and when an anteater student walked in, I was the only one who noticed. Not that it’s a bad thing to be an anteater, but it’s not like there were a bunch of them and they were just another race of humanoid beings or something. No, just one anteater. Or cat. Or goat. Or whatever. It was really weird.

12 Moments 11: #12

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#12 is Gilbert and Vincent Nightray from Pandora Hearts (ANN). Watching Pandora Hearts had kind of on my “anime I should watch” list since it came out, but I never got around to it until this Autumn, when I found out that a friend of mine hadn’t seen any new(-ish) anime since… high school or something. It was sad-as-in-pathetic, so we watched all of Pandora Hearts in two Friday evenings.

Gilbert and Vincent Nightray

Of course, I always go for the tormented (Gilbert) and crazy (Vincent) ones, so these brothers are right up my alley. The series ended at 24 episodes, and my friend found out why Vincent was so insane (and Gilbert so moody) after reading up on the manga, which continues the story. Turns out that it might not be for as great a reason as I hoped, though it’s probably a realistic one. (Haha, no spoilers, guys, even though the series is already like 3 years old or something.)

12 Moments in Anime 2011

This is the third year in a row, guys! (2009, 2010) As per usual, I’ll be following the correct calendar for the twelve days, starting on Christmas Day and ending on the day before Epiphany.

Without further adieu, I give you…

Twelve Moments in Anime 2011
12. December 25: Gilbert and Vincent Nightray from Pandora Hearts
11. December 26: the animal characters in Princess Tutu
10. December 27: finishing a convention recap before attending the next convention
09. December 28: tumblr
08. December 29: complications surrounding Gundam Wing‘s pilot designations (01, 02, etc.)
07. December 30: finishing my Yaoi-Con recap
06. December 31: my holiday card this year
05. January 1: Yaoi Press review copies (Happy New Year!)
04. January 2: as yet untitled future comic with Sammi!
03. January 3: TokyoPOP shutting down
02. January 4: figuring out that one anime was Dead Leaves!
01. January 5: the 30-day Anime Challenge

12 Moments 10: #1

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#1 is realizing, after the fact, that I didn’t see any of 2010’s top five anime series or top five anime movies. LOL, right? I guess I’m still trying to catch up on stuff that came out years ago, as opposed to just this last year. In fact, I have Sky Crawlers and entire seasons of Cowboy Bebop, Princess Tutu, Mnemosyne, and Trapeze on my hard drive waiting to be watched; none of the titles below are even on my list. Perhaps they should be? (I must keep in mind, however, whose lists these are. That is: top five according to whom?)

Top Five Anime Series of 2010
Angel Beats!
K-On!! (K-On! ‘s second season)
My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute (“Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai”)
A Certain Magical Index (“To Aru Majutsu no Index”), second season

Top Five Anime Movies of 2010
Trigun: Badlands Rumble
King of Thorn
The Borrower Arrietty (“Karigurashi no Arriety”)
Halo Legends
Summer Wars

And this concludes 12 Moments in Anime 2010! Thanks for reading, guys! See you at the end of 2011!