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Poker tables and chips direct

The following is a paid review for ReviewMe.

If you’re serious about your poker, buying a poker tables from may be the right way to go. Free shipping on purchases over $100 is a boon considering how much is costs to ship tables and chairs of any kind. (Returned orders are subject to a 15% restocking fee.) Tables start at around $500, but the better ones go for $2000 or more. Poker table and chip set combos can be bought for people on a budget or who want to go from nothing to something in one fell swoop. This three-table and poker chip set, for example, would be of great use to group gatherings and class/school parties. accepts all major credit cards and Paypal and is rated 5 out of 5 stars on Yahoo!Shopping for superior service. They also offer table tops, three-in-one tables, gaming chairs (separate from the table/chair sets), playing cards, tournament timers, drop boxes, and more. Subscribe to their newsletter for new products, discount coupons, and general news in your email every month. They offer 31 tips for winning Texas Holdem, including: 3. Play with money you can afford to lose; 15. Be able to change your playing style; and 20. If you know you’re beat, fold.

Good luck!

*sigh* Orlando…

And no, unfortunately, I don’t mean Orlando Bloom. But Vacation homes in Orlando, Florida, may be just as hot (LOL). Orlando (the city) houses Disney World and 51 other theme parks–one for each week of the year–you certainly won’t get bored. If that’s not enough, the city also boasts other attractions–beaches, resorts, and golf courses among them–and dinner shows for the more adult at heart. Vacationing in Orlando can mean lots of family fun or wet-and-wild spring break flings, depending on your reasons for going there! In some places, these two worlds overlap, so keep a sharp eye on your kids unless you know you’re in a kid-friendly area. Other than that, you can have experiences to last a lifetime in Orlando with

More flip-flops than you can shake a stick at.

The following is a paid advertisement/editorial for ReviewMe.

Active Sandals, where you can get Chaco, Rainbow, Birkenstock, Crocs, and Reef Sandals online (among others), bills itself as “the largest sandal retailer in the world!” The exclamation point is theirs, not mine. I’m not too keen on buying $50 flip-flops unless they’re going to last me the rest of my life, but these guys seem legitimate. (And yes, they sell Keens, too; the pun was unintended.) I haven’t actually purchased anything from them (I already have a lovely pair of Speedo flip-flops that’ve lasted me a long time and show no signs of crapping out now), but free shipping is offered on all orders over $75… which won’t be hard since most pairs cost somewhere in the vicinity of $35-$65. However, right now they’re having a huge clearance event, so go have a look-see if you’re interested.

Active Sandals is a top rated Yahoo! store (5 out of 5 stars) for customer service. The store recently began selling “casual lifestyle apparel” also, so you can buy a whole new wardrobe there if you’re so inclined. All of the women’s jeans are tight-fitting and all types of jeans are at least$125 (whee! free shipping!). The t-shirts are more reasonably priced, and the Junkfood shirts are currently on sale. If you’re on a budget (and who isn’t?), you can search by price–from “Less than $20” to “$75 and Up.” If you’re lucky and money is no question, have fun getting ready for summer!

Botox vs. Natural Aging

This is a sponsored post for botox San Diego and Puremed Spas.

Puremed Spa is a leading (they say the leading, but I’ll let you decide for yourselves) day spa servicing California, Nevada, and other parts of North America. Specializing in botox treatments and botox injections along with a wide array of beauty services, professionals at Puremed Spa have performed hundreds of thousands of treatments.

People age; it’s a fact of life. I’m against botox for one primary reason, although I’m not going to stop anyone from having the procedure. Botox paralyzes facial muscles to diminish wrinkles–like crow’s feet and laugh lines. Why would anyone want to take those features away from his/her face? Wrinkles give character. People age! Let us age gracefully rather than pre-preserving ourselves.

Appreciative Coaching

This past April, Dr. Sara Orem, a faculty member at Capella University, and her co-authors published Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change. The book “has been published by Jossey-Bass, uses positive questions, mindfulness, and other tools to acknowledge the strengths of individuals and effect change.” It guides the reader through four stages: Discovery, Dream, Design, and Destiny. The stages, Orem says, “inspire them to an appreciative and empowering view of themselves and their future… [The book is for] those who do one-on-one work with people who can influence and create change in their organizations.”

Orem is the principal of her own coaching firm in addition to teaching at Capella, an accredited e-learning university “that offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, and psychology, and bachelors degree programs in business and information technology.” Cappella University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools ( For more information about Cappella, visit or call 1-888-CAPELLA.

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Nice smelling, pretty looking soaps!

Have you heard of Remember Maui handmade soaps? They’re amazing; I like the floral-scented ones best, although they also have fruit-scented soaps as well. If you can’t decide, you can get their soap samplers and try them all! Remember Maui also sells handmade lotions, Shea body butter, bath and massage oils, bubble bath body washes, and an array of Hawaiian gift items (including wedding favors).

The shop is owned by Bill, a retired stock broker, and Akemi, a master basket weaver, who “fell in love with the quality and silky smooth sensations of handmade soaps on the Island and decided in 2002 to retire and start their own family business.” Handwritten gift cards are included free with every gift order, and if you buy $25 worth of merchandise, you’ll also get free cream soap–but I’m pretty sure the latter is for a limited time only, so head on over there!

Remember Maui is located at 115 Hapuahi St, Makawao HI, 96768. The direct phone number is 808-572-5661, or you can all toll free at 800-520-2081 (access code 37).

Camp La Jolla

At Camp La Jolla, Christine Gardner and other teenagers have lost weight and gained self-esteem. Gardner left the camp over two years ago 50 lbs. lighter and, during the following year, lost another 50 lbs. “I really like who I am,” she said in a letter to camp staff, “I like to shop and I am proud to be a girl. I used to hide it in my baggy clothes.”

Now at age 16, Christine is going back to fat camp after being cut from her soccer and cross-country teams, losing her boyfriend, and being abandoned by some of her friends. Nancy Lenhart, owner of Camp La Jolla for 35 years, says, “She’s coming back to our teen weight loss camp to start over.” Apparently, while on a family vacation, Christine started to over eat and things just snowballed from there, causing her to gain back 50 lbs. of the weight she’d previously lost.

She’s received a four-week camp scholarship. “We see her as an inspiration to others as she shares her ordeal about how she’s fighting back and starting over. She will make a strong [positive] impact on others” at the camp.

To learn more about Christine and Camp La Jolla, a nationally acclaimed fitness and weight loss program for children, teens and adults, visit their website or call 1-800-825-TRIM. A video of the summer program can be viewed at the website. Camp La Jolla is located in La Jolla, California; accommodations are provided by University of California, San Diego.