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American Eagles & other gold coins

At Monex Deposit Company’s website, you can buy gold coins or bars and other precious metals. Immediate delivery can be arranged, or you can have your purchase stored in an independent bank or depository. Gold has a well-documented history of being one of the better ways to preserve your wealth… plus, it’s shiny–and who doesn’t like shiny things? Gold has the power to change lives–for good or ill.

Vienna philharmonics, Canadian maple leafs, U.S. American buffalos, U.S. American eagles, and South African krugerrands (each a type of coin made from fine gold; click the link above for visuals) are available for purchase from Monex. The coins are legal tender (each American coin has a face value of $50) and many are accepted around the world, which means no more need for money changing!

Seriously people, visit Orlando.

Apparently, they’re desperate for publicity and tourism, or something. I’m not exactly sure what the deal is, but now you can get Discount Universal Studios Tickets from, the “ultimate source for discount tickets for Disney World and all Orlando theme parks [of which, if my memory serves, there are 52], dinner shows, and attractions.” Although this site claims that the “most expensive and intimidating factors in your planning are the endless options of admission tickets,” I only partially agree. Probably are the most expensive, but why the most intimidating? I mean, shouldn’t going to a theme park be fun? It is a park, after all, and last time I checked, parks–even theme parks–were meant for (having) fun. Maybe the “parks as fun” idea isn’t strictly true, but I’m hard-pressed to find anyone who says that “theme parks as fun” isn’t true… Unless you’re 12-year-old daughter just puked all over your brand new tennis shoes after riding Disney’s “Teacups” ride three times in a row. That’s certainly not fun. for the Phoenix area

Wow. I want to own/run a newspaper that groups from “me doing everything” to having 6 full-time staff members working on the calendar of phoenix events alone, much less all the other staff people doing stuff. Can you imagine how awesome that’d be? I hope that maybe one day Amish Otaku and Diplocon get to be big like, which is a top-ranked newspaper-affiliated website that serves Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Phoenix Newspapers, Inc., is the site’s parent company… a parent company that has big goals for its little website, including having :at least 3 fresh restaurant reviews each week and to provide definitive guides to the top restaurants, bars, nightclubs and after-work activities in the Phoenix area.” Does anyone know what newspapers are owned by Phoenix Newspapers, Inc.? It’d be interesting to know how far the larger company’s tentacles reach… if you know what I mean.

Unconscious ranking?

I find it extremely interesting that a utah search engine optimization (aka SEO) website, Utah Web Services (a division of WiWorks, Inc.), uses the image shown here on their front page. Looks pretty normal at first glance, but actually it’s a statement to the “web hierarchy” that everyone knows exists but no one really talks about in any great detail. It seems that no one is bothered by it… and maybe that’s the way it should be, but honestly… it’s just interesting to think about, even if nothing comes of it. When once AOL and Ask Jeeves! ruled the search engine world, it’s now Yahoo! and Google. Do you remember those Yahoo! radio commercials that had the guy yodeling at the end of each one? Life’s come a long way since then, don’tcha think? I wonder if the website’s creator(s) meant to rank the search engines or if it was an “obvious” thing. Very intriguing… sociology at work. (I cut some of the left part of the picture off so you all can see what I’m talking about.)

Gift baskets of food!

Can you imagine the look on your father’s face when he sees the huge Gourmet Food Gift Baskets you’ve brought him and your mother? It’d be priceless. Gourmet Gift Baskets (the company) uses only the finest ingredients in their baskets. They have everything from “thank you” baskets to holiday-themed baskets (including Easter!!!!), to kosher baskets. It’s pretty awesome. Plus, the stuff they put in each basket is mouth-watering. Baskets range in price from around $40 to $250… and the higher end gives you more more higher quality food. Do NOT give one of these to a binge eater, though… it’ll be gone in an unhealthy amount of time. There is choc-a-holic’s wet dream, though (you can find it on the main page), if you want to make someone with a sweet-tooth fall head-over-heels in love. As they say, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Since Gourmet Gift Baskets has been in business since 1940, they really know what they’re doing… and once you get a taste of what they have to offer, you’ll never go anywhere else for your gift basket needs!

Meet Mr. Murphy, CPA

Easton Accounting‘s Murphy & Co. is here to help you live without worrying about your small business’s finances. Their motto is “Small focus; big returns” as well it should be. If you own or manage a small business, let this accounting service take some of the pressure off of you by making sure your taxes are in on time, you don’t over pay your taxes, and all your books are balanced. It’s true that accounting isn’t rocket science… but do you want to risk over paying or finding some income unaccounted for? Accounting for every penny can (and will!) eat up your valuable time. Murphy & Co. is itself a small, family-run business, so accountants there make sure to live by the Golden Rule–they do unto others as they would have done unto them! This Easton Accountant provides personal, helpful service when you need it–and at a price that is typically less expensive than other firms. They can be reached at 508-238-5357.

Pass this along to your engaged friends

Not like I need wedding favors or know anyone who needs them, but it’s fun to daydream once in a while, you know? Shop For Weddings, the self-described “Internet Wedding Superstore,” is one of the best places online to find cheap, personalized wedding favors. They have yummy-looking mini-chocolates and sale items–like picture frames, candle holders, matchbooks, and more–every day. Not just for favors, however, Shop For Weddings also sells reception items, bridesmaid and groomsman gifts, planning supplies, jewelry, and even apparel. There are also quite a few cake topper choices, including one titled “Now I Have You Figurine” and one called “Oh No You Don’t Figurine”… along with more traditional renditions of the statuettes. Most items are personalize-able and, if you sign up for their “weekly steal” (see the main page), you’ll get a 10% off coupon good for a future purchase.