AIM Conversation with Katie; early morning of 11 August 2005

HER: hee… so you saw justin’s post (
ME: yes
ME: 🙂
HER: I’m glad you’re still masterin’ the soapbox, too.
ME: he took me off his friends list
ME: sigh
HER: jeez
ME: thanks
ME: 🙂
HER: what happened between you two?
HER: i thought you guys used to be close
HER: (of course you don’t have to explain if you don’t want to)
ME: I’m actually writing a post about that
ME: 🙂
ME: we did used to be
… …
ME: okay, can you check my LJ again and let me know if what I said is respectful-ish? (
HER: okay hang on, still checking all the links and posts you put in there
ME: okay
HER: I just posted a comment
HER: you gonna read it?
ME: yes
ME: thank you:-)
HER: What do you mean, the vocal minority really is a minority?
ME: well, he has responded to a lot of my posts
ME: but I know that not everyone thinks that way, but often they don’t say anything
HER: huh
ME: which is fine, it’s their prerogative
HER: okay, i see
ME: but after hearing “stop with all the soapboxing” all the time, it’s kind of disheartening
HER: or, i think i see…
HER: yeah.
HER: well, that was just kind of a mean-spirited thing for him to say.
HER: I don’t see why he should have a problem with “soapboxing”
ME: well, honestly, I can never really tell when he’s being serious and when he’s just being sarcastic
ME: the comment that really hurt me was this one:
HER: ?
ME: “Hey, my mood was ‘Cheerful’… and, frankly, someone with your emotional propensities should have nothing to say about mine.” (
HER: …yeah. that’s a VERY cruel thing to say.
HER: Yeah… I imagine since you’ve confided a lot in him, it made it seriously hard to trust him after seeing him say that
… …
HER: i know it can be a really staggering feeling when someone says something like that, especially after you’ve entrusted them with a lot… i’m pretty mad at justin, too, for saying that comment.
ME: my first reaction was kind of like “What the fuck is THAT supposed to mean?”
HER: sigh… seriously
HER: he’s probably struggling with his own issues, and consequently lashing out at you
ME: yea, at least, I HOPE that’s what it is
ME: I mean, I hope he’s not just a jerk
HER: I think a big part of it is he feels like a lot has changed between you guys
HER: and he feels less close to you for some reason, and he resents that.
HER: he gets a high off of being one of those guys who’s everyone’s messiah
ME: yea
ME: I’ve noticed that
HER: i think you’re making the right move though.
HER: i just hope it’s not too disappointing, since it might kind of be like losing a friend
ME: his comments? or him?
HER: …
HER: maybe i misunderstood…. i guess what you’re saying is although you’ve de-friended each other on LJ, you’re still planning to remain friends with him?
ME: well, sort of
ME: I mean, I’m not going to pursue the friendship, but if he decides he’s missing out (which he is), then I think I’ll probably give him another chance.
ME: a wary chance, but a chance nonetheless
HER: a wary chance?
HER: so, friendly behavior, but no sensitive information?
ME: yes
HER: Wise.

I feel a lot better now. Thank you, Katie.

Daylin’s gone

Daylin left to go home for New York about 7 hours ago and I already miss her. I’m sad that she left and I wish she could’ve stayed much longer, but I know she was becoming a burden on my parents. I’m glad she’s away from Steven now because I really don’t think he’s good for her, even though I know she loves him… I don’t think he’s mature enough to be able to handle the kind of relationship she wants.

Awesome quotes from when she was here:

“Fiery dick! (explosion sound) *no pun intended*”
(as In-Debt, spoken w/ Russian accent) “I am Fernando. You bore me. Now pet me.”
(as Mimi, spoken w/ French accent) “I am Francisco. I am le-tired, and le-lazy. And I le-yawn.”
“Regular penis: SHUNNED. Monster internet penis: AWESOME.”
(while looking at sand crabs) “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!”
(after getting an AMAZING deal on some AMAZING boots) “Oh my god! I’m so happy! I want to cry!”
(while shopping in the mall) “It’s all about the sale racks, baby, ALL about the sale racks.”

More awesome quotes from when she was here, as I remember them. I MISS DAYLIN!