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Clothing of the American Mind

I [heart] civil liberties.

That’s what one of the shirts (available in men’s and women’s sizes) at says, and it’s awesome.

I couldn’t resist. I tried, really, I did. But when I found the shirts that say “Stop Wars” in the original Star Wars print, I just couldn’t resist. So, I got one in blue and one in grey.

I’m so so SO sorry, Pocketbook! I really am! But it’s shirts! And not just any shirts; they’re 100% American-made and sweatshop-free AND 100% organic cotton!!! How can I turn down something like that, especially when it’s anti-war/pro-peace AND has to do with Star Wars, fer Christsakes?? It’s like they’re t-shirts made out of pure awesome.

Oh man…

I just finished balancing my checkbook.

Including my school loans, I’m more than $46,000 in the hole. I’m so doomed.

Scratch that. I just found another bill I haven’t yet paid. So, when I do pay it, I’ll be more than $47,000 in the hole.

I’m still doomed.

Loan Consolidation–on solid ground?

[In case you’re wondering, this is a paid post.]

As most of you know, I have significant credit card debt that I’m struggling to pay off. I’ve got a plan and the desire (to be out of debt) but I often lack the necessary discipline to follow through. When I have money, it always (metaphorically) burns a hole in my pocket. Recently, I’ve been seriously considering credit card debt consolidation, but I’m skeptical about using any outside companies because [1] what if they charge me to consolidate? that’s NOT what I need, and [2] it just feels too much like unnecessarily airing my dirty laundry, which is in bad taste, if nothing else. On the other hand, I may have to swallow my pride and just ask for help from someone since, like I said before, I’m not sure I can do it by myself. I’m still on the fence about this whole thing. I’d rather just act like an ostrich–stick my head in the sand and hope the problem goes away. LOL.

The problem with large grocery stores: too many choices

Me: I’m getting by
Me: learning how much milk I actually drink before it goes bad, and whatnot
Me: … and how much I actually DON’T need those powdered doughnuts

[info]last_highlander: Yeah… when I lived alone I came upon the doughnut problem.

Me: it’s sort of like, “do I want to buy these 12 doughnuts for $5 or buy a loaf of bread and cheese that will feed me for a week for $4.50?”
Me: and when you don’t have a lot of money, the answer is “duh”

[info]last_highlander: But see… then you ask “or is it?”

Me: true

[info]last_highlander: Because see, you KNOW that the bread and cheese is not only cheaper and has a bit more longevity.
[info]last_highlander: But them doughnuts look mighty tasty.

Me: exactly