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Korean w/ phone number

Here’s something I found at the end of April this year and haven’t managed to scan and upload the image until today. On the front (left image), it says:

# 15 [Korean]
( [Korean] )

Actually, I’m not sure if it’s Korean, but it’s my best guess; it could be Chinese, Japanese, or Thai. In any case, I can’t read that part since I don’t know any of those languages even well enough to recognize which one it is.

On front On back
(Click for larger image.)

On the back (right image) on the top it has realty information, upside down: the name of the realty and its address in La Canada Flintridge. Near the bottom, I have handwritten in relatively neat printed letters:

10:30 am approx.
28 April 2012
in front of LC post office

Underneath that is the upside down picture of Anita Gray (I assume), a realtor working for Dickson Podley, and her contact information (phone number, email address, and website).

Found November 29

I found three completely different things yesterday walking home from work.

First, a business-card-sized card (I’ve scanned both the front and back into one photo) meant to reserve someone’s seat at a wedding. At least, that’s what I presume it is. Wedding table cardCould be from a bar mitzvah (I think—do Jewish people eat salmon?) or some other formal dinner. On the front it has two stylized flowers, one brown and one off-white, and reads:

Mrs. Anna Kim
Table 19

The “salmon” part has been pasted on crooked near the top, likely indicating to the serving staff what dinner plate “Mrs. Anna Kim” should receive. The name is most prominent in black italics, while the table number is a light brown color and uses block lettering.

On the back, there is a tab-like sticker affixed to the approximate center which reads:

I have cared for you from
the time you were born.
(Isaiah 46,3)

The verse is from the Good News Translation of the Bible and is set in Times New Roman font and black type; the reference uses a smaller font size.

Second, I picked up a plastic (?) binder/fender thing (actually, I have no idea what it is) that is covered in silver-colored paint, much of which had been scraped off in the process of being lost from… whatever it belonged to before I found it.

silver thing and copper stick 1

silver thing and copper stick 2

Third, as you’ll notice from the above photos, I also found a small stick of copper. Actually, I think it’s some really thick copper wire—at least, it’s thick compared to what I’ve previously seen—but it’s only a short piece and it’s too thick for me to bend without some serious effort, so I’m calling it a stick. I turned over both the silver thing and the piece of copper for the second photo, but it’s obviously more noticeable for the silver thing. Anyone else have any idea what that is?

Waco sehr interessant

I went to visit my brother in Waco, Texas, this past week and managed to find some interesting tidbits while scouring the city for other things (cough*tattooparlor*cough). While I didn’t find “other things”—at least not anything I was willing to deal with it in the time I had, I did pick up (starting from the top right and moving counter-clockwise) two strange metal things which I put at different angles so you could see (they were also warped/crushed in different ways, but not so differently that I thought it warranted extra photos); a pair of bent scissors with no handles; a long screw; and a bolt. The screw and the bolt were from separate parts of town and did not fit each other.

found in Waco, TX

My brother and I take after our father in that we pick random crap up off the ground while we’re out walking/biking, and he already had a little pile of Waco stuff on his tiny apartment balcony, so I left everything I’d found with him.

Metal and knob

I found this piece of metal on the way to an appointment yesterday, October 5th, at the corner or Glendale Ave. and Broadway while I was crossing the street to change buses. (I took all these pictures with my cell phone, so they’re not great.)

Metal obverse

Reverse, which reads, “1.75 P-Zn 50”:
Metal reverse

On my way home from the appointment, I took a different route than I was expecting to and found this knob at the corner of La Granada and Vista Place. I stepped on it at first, thinking I could crush it and discovered (obviously) that it won’t crush since it’s made of metal.

Knob obverse

Knob reverse

Annotation Checklist

Annotation Checklist

My dad found this Thursday, September 16, on his way home from work in front of La Canada Imports. I looks like an oversized bookmark for a student in an English class. It’s printed on yellow paper; both sides are in bold-face type. There’s a crease about halfway down the paper all the way through, as if someone had folded it in half before putting it in a book. The front uses circular bullet points, while the back uses quad diamond bullet points; I’m using “—” here for simplicity’s sake. (Click the images for larger versions.)

The front reads:

Annotation Checklist frontAnnotation Checklist
—text-to-self, text-to-
world, text-to-text


—Sense Imagery


—diction-word choice &
how it affects tone


situational, verbal
—Appeals –



—asyndeton(I came, I
saw, I conquered)
polysyndeton(he ran
Annotation Checklist backand jumped and
laughed for joy)

—anaphora-repeating a
sequence of words

—Figurative language
simile, metaphor
—Oxymoron-sharply dull

—Sound devices
assonance-do you like
blue, consonance-
mammals named Sam
are clammy

The back says:

— Ask – Why?
—Talk back-Comment
—Write summaries
—Leave a trail to follow
—Bracket, highlight
—Create an index

—Note the author’s style

I’m posting this here (even though I wasn’t the one to find it) because I learned something from it. I hadn’t known what asyndeton and polysyndeton were before Thursday evening; and, actually, I still had to look them up—one bookmark worth of information wasn’t really enough. It’s clear that this was meant as a “cliff’s notes” version of some lecture(s) to help someone study more thorough notes. My father was surprised I didn’t know those terms; apparently, having a graduate degree in English means I Know Everything There Is To Know About The English Language. (Yeah, right.)