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I found this while surfing through tumblr today. What do you think?

10891.) Instead of my boyfriend cutting his wrists when he gets angry or upset, he cuts mine

The reactions I’ve gotten from other people have been completely contradictory to mine. (I’ll admit right now that I’m in the minority.) I’m interested to see what you think.

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I found this on the ground on the way to work on La Granada around 5:20 pm yesterday. (Click image for larger.) It’s a child’s drawing in Crayloa crayons using blue violet and blue green, with accents in yellow, black, and tan. It reads “Leo” in large letters in the upper left-hand corner.


My sister and I debated what it could be for half an hour or more and haven’t come up with any definitive conclusions. Bunny noted the smiling face with yellow eyes, about midway down on the right; the drawing of what looks like a person with a walker in a white circle near the top; and what seems to be a falling star on the left side. I noticed the black line near the bottom of the page possibly denoting land and thought it might be a purple tornado. Our guesses are as good as anyone’s; what do you see?

All art pieces by children are masterpieces, but most need to be deciphered/explained.

Fall 2010 and Yard Sale

More lost and found! I found this class schedule at Glendale College on Monday afternoon.

Fall 2010 @ gcc

It reads in purple ink:

[Fall 2010 @ gcc]

ethnic studies 132 (1314)
M & W (140 pm – 305 pm)
Administration 223

Health 106 (3251)
M & W (1045 am – 1210 pm)
Sierra Nevada Gym 101

Math 100 (2020)
M & W (910 am – 1015 am)
T & Th (910 am – 1000 am)
San Fernando 107

Sociology 104 (1788)
T & Th (1045 am – 1210 pm)
San Rafael 115

On my way home from classes that afternoon, I found this sign stapled to a telephone pole. It had no date (as you’ll see), but it was after 1 PM when I found it, so I decided to rip it down. When I noticed the back of the page, however, I was intrigued.


The front is written in faded marker and reads:

8a – 1pm
corner of Hilldale
+ Waltonia


From the back, it’s clear that the page used to be (bright?) pink and has since mostly faded. The typeface looks like Times or Times New Roman to me. It says:


Anyone know what “the gift to know” means?

20th Amendment

I found this card on my way to work yesterday on La Granada Way around 1:30 PM local time. (I walk up to Foothill and catch the bus from there to work on days when the bus runs.)

Front (I assume):
20th amendment

It reads “20th amendment.” in orange marker.

Lame duck

The back is written in black ballpoint pen and reads:

“Lame Duck” session (1933)
(Jan. 20)
The terms of pres. & vice pres. end on
Jan. 20, & of Congress on Jan. 3
instead of in March.

Star Cafe and “How Can I…?”

Found these on the way home from Glendale College yesterday around 11:30 am.

A Star Cafe receipt in which the person who paid gave the server, Pedro D, a tip of $7.77 for a total bill of $25:

Star Cafe receipt

And a note, the first three lines of which are “How can I get a listing of companies by zip code?” Can anyone read the rest?:

How can I...?

How can I get a listing
of companies by zip
[unknown] Intelligence
—could pull up companies
[unknown] a certain zip
code by
—annual [unknown]
—TPA (great [unknown])
provide iE.

That’s a found poem if I’ve ever seen one.

New Category: Lost/Found

New Category: Lost/Found

I’ve added a new category as my tastes for strange found objects arises. At my discretion, I’ll upload scans/pictures of some of the things I’ve found and include the place and day I found them. I unwittingly started with the note in another language, and I’m continuing now. This isn’t going to be an everyday occurrence, just as it suits me.

I found these two artifacts while waiting for my mother to pick me up from school this evening after getting out of my class, “Women, the Earth, and the Divine”. One looks like it’s a lost handout from an oceanography class (front and back)—Is it bad that the first thing I noticed was the lack of an Oxford comma on the top of the back page?—and the other is the front of a broken tag for Vitamin World (“get healthy.TM”) bearing the name “Anait” (which my father correctly pointed out is the name “Tiana” spelled backwards).

The Earth and its Oceans Earth, Venus and Mars

Vitamin World: Anait