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Day Three hundred nine

If you’d like to know the history of “Five Reasons I Should Be Happy Today”… click here. It’s a simple idea, but one that I haven’t done in a long time, so I’m putting an entry here as a Blogathon post. Two birds with one stone and all that, or something. ^_^

  1. Completing this Blogathon—my first ever—with only a few minor glitches!
  2. Being able to (shower and then) sleep after the next post; finally!
  3. Making a good dinner yesterday that was filling and healthy.
  4. Finding a decent present for Johnny’s birthday.
  5. Checking in with my professor on Friday for the third week in a row.

Day Three hundred six

  1. Grilled cheese with just a dash of Tabasco!
  2. Howard (a former instructor) really cares! Aww. I feel loved.
  3. June’s coming = my birthday is near = I’ll be 23 = OMG when did that happen?
  4. Going home in less than a month for Johnny’s graduation.
  5. I’ll be landing a job soon. I can feel it in my bones.