Day Three hundred three

  1. I have only eight applications left to complete before Tuesday.
  2. I’ve finished over 60 work applications already. (I’m tired of not having money.)
  3. Something Bennett told me that his grandmother told him when she was still alive: “We suffer to be beautiful.”
  4. Words that can be spelled correctly in more than one way.
  5. Chocolate-covered toffee.

5 Reasons

I think it’s high time I resurrect my posts covering the reasons I should be happy each day. You can learn more about my inspiration here. In the meantime, I will be continuing “Five Reasons I Should Be Happy Today” here in this journal, starting where I left off at #300.

To differentiate between posts I imported from my original journal and posts on this journal meant to continue listing my reasons, I have created a new category: “powerof5″… This entry is the only one in this journal that has been (and ever will be) tagged with the old category and the new one, so as to create a bridge between the two.

I’m doing this for my benefit, no one else’s; but, I do hope others receive enjoyment from my reasons, too. Maybe you all will post with your own reasons, should you feel so inclined. At the very least, one or two will make you think about the world around us and hopefully appreciate the things we regularly take for granted.

On to the happiness!