Internet ads boost apprentice geisha numbers in Kyoto

August 21, 2006
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KYOTO — Internet advertisements for apprentice geisha in traditional districts of Kyoto have sparked a surge in applicants, with the number of apprentice geisha rising this year to the highest level in a decade, it has emerged.

Since it has become difficult for teahouses to find apprentice geisha who are descendants of geisha or who have connections with the area, more stores are advertising for apprentices online. As of the end of March the number of apprentice geisha in Kyoto stood at 75, the highest in 10 years.

“I adored the apprentice geisha when I came to Kyoto on a family trip,” said one 16-year-old girl from Ishikawa Prefecture who is now undergoing training and plans to begin working at an establishment this autumn. “I thought ordinary people couldn’t become apprentice geisha, but I saw the advertisement on a Web site and thought it was my chance.”

An association representing Kyoto’s traditional Geisha district said there were once as many as 200 apprentice geisha, but by the end of March 2004, the number had dropped to just 58, prompting teahouses to begin advertising on the Internet.

In December last year, the teahouse Ichi, located in Kyoto’s Kamigyo-ku, set up an Internet blog giving details on the everyday life of an apprentice geisha. When the store posted details of 18-year-old apprentice geisha Mame Ichi’s training and yearly activities on the side and advertised on the Internet for applicants, it received phone and e-mail inquiries from about 50 people.

The 16-year-old apprentice from Ishikawa Prefecture said she found an advertisement by doing a search for “apprentice geisha” after returning from her trip to Kyoto. Her parents were reportedly opposed to the idea of her dropping out of high school and leaving them to work in the geisha district, but they finally gave their approval, saying that if that was what she wanted to do, she could do it.

About four other teahouses are reportedly advertising for apprentice geisha on the Internet. Another foundation for traditional arts in Kyoto also began advertising for apprentice geisha on its Web site in February, and received applications from about 20 people in six months. (Mainichi)

And who said implants were a bad thing?

Breast implants save woman’s life?
Aug 15, 7:43 AM (ET)

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – An Israeli woman’s breast implants saved her life when she was wounded in a Hizbollah rocket attack during Israel’s war with the Lebanese group, a hospital spokesman said Tuesday.

Doctors found shrapnel embedded in the silicone implants, just inches from the 24-year-old’s heart.

“She was saved from death,” said a spokesman for Nahariya Hospital in northern Israel. The woman has been released from hospital.

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Ten Things Women Should NEVER Do for Free

Copyright Veronica Monet 2002


And here’s why…

1.) BLOWJOBS; Too many women hand out blowjobs without receiving orgasms in return. No wonder sex can lose its appeal for many women over time. If your man is expecting you to satisfy him in this way without some serious servicing of your pussy, then he is treating you worse than most call-girls are treated. Contrary to myth, men DO go down on prostitutes.

2.) FAKE AN ORGASM; The fake orgasm is one of the most important tools of the trade if you are a sex worker. But if you are having sex for fun or for love (and maybe both) then you shouldn’t get confused and start treating your love life like a job. If you are not actually having an orgasm, why fake one? Are you trying to protect his feelings? Hurry things up so he will stop and get off of you? Sounds like work to me. The only good reason to fake an orgasm is if someone paid you to do it.

3.) DATE MARRIED MEN; Married men who lie to their wives about seeing you can offer you sex and money. They cannot offer you honesty because they are not giving that to their wives. They cannot put you first because someone else is already in that position. They cannot put your feelings before their own because they don’t even do that for their wives and they have shared much more with her than they ever will with you (children, illness, deaths in the family, etc.). Most married men are truly great people. They just have a couple flaws if they are dating you: Dishonesty and Selfishness. If you choose to date a married man who is lying to his wife, you must be crystal clear on the fact that your relationship with him will NEVER be honest or monogamous. Even if he leaves his wife “for you” he will undoubtedly form one or two relationships to lie to you about. This is his relationship pattern and changing places with his wife will NOT change him. So unless you can live with the naked truth, leave the married men to the professionals who get paid to have professional boundaries.

4.) PUT ON A GIRL/GIRL SHOW; I remember when being bisexual carried a bit of a social stigma. Today, bisexuality for women has become so “hip” that many women pretend to enjoy sex with women. Maybe you just want to fit in. That’s understandable but considering all the health risks attached to sex, it makes more sense to pick sex acts that actually provide you with some level of pleasure. There is nothing wrong with experimenting to find out if you like sex with women, but if you are only putting on a sex show for a man, then you are doing sex work for free. Sex is not just for men. Sex is for women too. So do what you like and let him worry about what turns him on.

5.) ENGAGE IN SEX ACTS THAT TURN YOU OFF; It’s natural for couples to experiment and not all those experiments are going to be mutually satisfying. But once you have established that you do or do not enjoy a particular sex act, then act accordingly. You should not perform sex acts that you find disgusting, repulsive, painful, uncomfortable, or boring. Most high class call girls will not even engage in sex acts they don’t enjoy. And they are getting paid.

6.) LAUGH WHEN HE ISN’T FUNNY; Women learn to laugh at men’s jokes when they are little girls. Mothers teach their daughters to “protect the male ego.” Of course, men feel no such compulsion. If a woman says something stupid, her boyfriend or husband will usually be the first to point it out to her. So upbringing aside, why would you want to invest all this acting ability into a relationship that is suppose to be nurturing you? Laugh if he is funny. But don’t fake your laughter, otherwise you are acting. Acting is a profession. And actors get paid.

7.) LET HIM WIN; Ditto for letting him win. Whether it is an argument or a sport or some other competition, you have no business giving him a false victory. Now this is in fact what many business professionals will do when they are courting a client. Throwing the golf game or understanding his unique view on world politics may make good business sense but it is a terrible way to attempt intimacy.

8.) LISTEN TO HIS PROBLEMS; Women have been trained to listen to and validate feelings; and give advice and comfort. Men know this and they sure as hell don’t go to their buddies for that kind of healing. They come to us. Unfortunately, many men seem to think we women owe them nurturing. If they need to unload their feelings or have a good cry, then we are somehow duty bound to be there for them. I have been dumbfounded by the number of men who became outraged and indignant if I did not put my priorities on hold and act as their therapist. It was as if the very fact that I could meant I should. And if I was so cold-blooded as to suggest that a service of this importance should be compensated for, I was betraying all that is loving, nurturing and sacred about womanhood. Most men don’t put their wants and desires on hold to listen to women, let alone nurture them. Unfortunately, few men even know how to give the type of listening and validating they have learned to expect from the women in their lives. If your guy expects you to be there for him, but seems always to be too busy or tired when you need attention, then you are working as a therapist without pay.

9.) WEAR CLOTHES YOU DON’T CARE FOR; Most couples confer with each other about their wardrobe when they are getting ready to go out. “What are you going to wear?” is not just something women ask each other. Truth be told, there are probably more men being told what to wear than women. With one particularly sexist caveat: women are the only one’s whose clothing is censored because it might communicate that she is a slut. Unfortunately, what is attractive to one person may be sleazy to another. Some standards are a function of race, age and economic status. The important thing to keep in mind is that you should be the final judge of what is appropriate for you and of what type of message you want to send to the world about yourself. If your man thinks that is his job, then you are occupying the same place in his heart as his car. Since you are not property and you are not a paid escort, it is not his decision. He can offer feedback and an opinion, but that’s where his participation should end.

10.) HOUSEWORK; On average, wives perform two to three hours more work than their husbands do every week of their lives ( That may not sound substantial but it adds up over the course of a year (104 to 156 hours which amounts to a 3 to 4 week vacation). If your significant other is supporting you, then household tasks may be a fair exchange for the time he is putting in on the job. But if like most households, you both work, you should be careful that the house does not become your responsibility in addition to the paid position you hold. Unless you are getting paid as a maid, housework is no more your responsibility than his.


IN SHORT, DON’T BE A MAID, A THERAPIST, AN ESCORT, A PROSTITUTE, OR AN ACTRESS UNLESS YOU ARE ACTUALLY GETTING PAID. Relationships are supposed to be two way streets. In a professional relationship, services are exchanged for pay. In personal relationships we have every right to expect our partner to meet an equitable level of our needs just as they have a right to expect that from us.

A funny one for my lovahs

A male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose, still heavily sedated from a difficult four hour surgical procedure. A young, student nurse appears to give him a partial sponge bath.

“Nurse”, she hears him mumble from behind the mask. “Are my testicles black?”

Embarrassed, the young nurse replies, “I don’t know, Sir. I’m only here to wash your upper body and feet.”

He struggles to ask, and again she hears, “Nurse, are my testicles black?”

Concerned that he may elevate his vitals from worry about his testicles, she overcomes her embarrassment and sheepishly pulls back the covers. She raises his gown, holds his penis in one hand and his testicles in the other, lifting and moving them around.

Then, she takes a close look and says, “There’s nothing wrong with them, Sir!!”

The man pulls off his oxygen mask, smiles at her and says very slowly, “Thank you very much. That was wonderful. I do like the way you think, but first, listen very, very closely… A r e – m y – t e s t – r e s u l t s – b a c k?”

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