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Resolutions for the New Year

Without getting into the discussion about whether or not December 31 is really any different than January 1 (hint: it’s not), I’ve come up with three resolutions for the New Year. I’ve thought about it long and hard, and I want to have resolutions that (1) I can actually accomplish, (2) help me strive but don’t overwhelm, and (3) do not necessarily involve “getting rich quick” or “shedding a few pounds”… Because honestly, everyone wants to be richer and feel good when they look in the mirror. Those are basically standing societal goals, at least where I live, and I don’t need to contribute to that by falling for any pyramid schemes or jumping on the “join a gym today!” bandwagon.

When someone says something, believe them
Dear future self: You know that guy who tells some horrendous ‘joke’ (trigger warning: “I bought a rape whistle and it’s come in handy…really helps to mask the screams.”) and then, when you tell him that was completely not funny, he says, “Aww, don’t get bent out of shape about it! Lighten up! It was only a joke; you have no sense of humor”? That guy is not joking. Don’t worry about ‘being polite’ or ‘being nice’—that guy is not your friend. Don’t be afraid to tell off that guy; don’t be afraid to not laugh; don’t be afraid to ask him to explain the joke. You don’t have to be everyone’s friend; don’t be embarrassed, and don’t be afraid to embarrass him. When someone says something, they are feeling out how you’ll take it. Don’t be afraid to not take it. Stand up for yourself; don’t be afraid.

Get a job
Preferably in my field of study, and definitely higher-paying than what I have now… which wouldn’t be difficult, sadly. I actually don’t mind the work I do now; I dislike some aspects of it, of course, but I like my coworkers and the work isn’t terribly mentally taxing. And I would like to have higher pay. (Right now, I’m living below the poverty line.) In this vein, I’ll be applying for work every couple of days or so until I land something better than coffee shop work.

Submit my writing
Or, “Receive ten rejections.” If I’m not getting rejected, I’m not submitting enough work (or, I suppose, I’m just that awesome). This way, I will ‘win’ this goal either way: either I’ll succeed by having more of my work published, or I’ll succeed by having at least ten rejection letters by the end of the year.

Coming up

All right, here’s what I’ve got coming up in July. That is to say, this is my writing “to do” list for the month.

Reviews of
John Carter
The Hunger Games
Through Rushing Water
Belovéd 3956
and 5860

also: my write up of Anime Expo 2012
and an ongoing goal: 1 page of creative writing per day

So, that amounts to about one review per week this month, plus the AX stuff, plus about 25 pages of creative writing. We’ll see if I can pull this off. I’m afraid it might be too ambitious with all the other real life stuff I have to do. Hahaha ^_^;;

Things to Do

Things to Do

part 1023543645. lol. sorta.
Seriously, though:

response emails to Jay Brown & Katie W.
Yaoi-Con 2011 schwag post
figure out schedule for Yaoi Press review copies
Ascent from Darkness review
12 Days of Anime
funny/not funny comic strip commentary
write out four reasons
Dad’s ham thing post
Katie’s wedding post
beach with John post
Pagan Pride post
Tin Man and review

I’m sticking this to the top of the page for the time being and will be updating until I’ve got most of the list crossed out. We’ll see if I can do it. I’m kind of overwhelmed looking at it like this, actually, but if I don’t write it down on a list, I’ll forget things and I’ll drop the ball somewhere, which I’d rather not if I can help it, you know? Maybe if I just think about things two at a time and ignore the rest until those are finished, etc??

I’m not gonna lie, here, people. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. This list doesn’t even include the scheduled stuff I have to do. Hahahahahaha. HA HA HA. I think my brain might just shut down on me and refuse to work anymore.

—on 06 Dec.
email comic artist
cull/fix wishlist
—on 07 Dec.
cycle battery
email Stanley the Whale editor
holiday donation
balance checkbook
—on 08-11 Dec.
finish psychology book reading (end of day 12/8)
write out my own holiday wishlist
—on 12 Dec.
Sleeping With Money review paragraph
holiday_wishes community
flight to NYC
—between 13 & 22 Dec.
English 103 final 3 critiques (midday 12/13)
get to-be-mailed presents ready for shipping
English 127 Children’s Literature survey
Twilight: Breaking Dawn recap
—25 & 26 Dec.
Pandora Hearts review
figure out something for Princess Tutu

Well, hello there.

Well, hello there.

Holy shit I totally ditched this journal, didn’t I? What the hell, right? Feels like I might never be a real adult. Godsdamnit, I swear I’m going to do something useful this weekend.

You want a To Do list, do you? Well, fine. No promises, though.

Payperpost entry.
Letter to Christopher Meloni.
12 Moments in Anime 2010. (I haven’t finished this already? uuugh.)
Book of Mormon. (I’ll explain later. Maybe.)
Finish Aleister Crowley.
Left at the Altar for Thomas Nelson.
Unruly Girls, Unrepentant Mothers for Elevate Difference.
Answer my goddamn emails and empty out my inbox. Seriously.
Figure out what to do with all my unposted/unfinished posts. Like maybe have a not-too-ambitious posting schedule or something.

Fucking hell. Having to be adult all the time time. Ugh. I’m so not into it.


A lot has happened in the short time since I last posted my To Do list.

—finish (and finish reviewing) CANAAN
—figure out what to do with the music I don’t listen to
—write review of Captive Queen
—wash/dry/fold laundry

I’m dropping CANAAN and here’s why. I dumped a bunch of the music I don’t listen to regularly; read more about it here. I wrote my review of Captive Queen no problem, like I expected, except it was 310 words over the 500 word limit. I sent it to my editor anyway. My second load of laundry is drying right now, and I’ve already folded the first load, so as soon as that’s done, it’s done (until I run out of clothes again… it’s a never ending cycle).

—clean/declutter desk top
—watch/review Pocahontas and The Sky Crawlers
—watch/review Cowboy Bebop, Princess Tutu, Trapeze, and Mnemosyne
—burn anime/movies/etc. onto DVDs for safekeeping

Still have to get around to cleaning off my desk top. My actual desk top, I mean, not the desktop on the computer screen. But I soooo don’t wanna. UGH. I took Precious of the list of movies I want to watch because I just don’t think I’m in the mood for angst. I’ve been putting off watching it until I’m in the mood, but it’s been over four months, so I don’t think my feelings about that are going to change. Still have a list of anime, as usual, though I already said I won’t be posting episodic entries about any of them. In light of the very little hard drive space I have left (despite ditching a lot of the music I don’t listen to), I’ve added a note to burn the media onto DVDs that hasn’t already been burned as such. My computer has a problem recognizing DVDs, though, since it’s so old (I think), so it could be a challenge. We’ll see.

Another look at the TO DO list

Oh joy. Just so I don’t forget what I’m supposed to be doing every minute of every day. ::sigh:: I seem to have this ongoing To Do list of things I should be doing at any given moment. In fact, the list gets longer and longer, no matter how much I knock off of it (not like I’m knocking much off, but that’s beside the point).

DONE (since last time)
—figure out which poems to show professor
—figure out cosplay for Anime Expo
—finish review of Return of the Joker: here!

Notes: Figuring out which poems to show my professor is, at this point, kind of moot because I’ll be starting a creative writing class with him on Monday in which he’ll see all forms of my writing, poetry and non. I’ve given up (sadly) on having a decent cosplay for Anime Expo, so I’m not going to do anything since I think that having a half-assed cosplay is often worse than having none at all. I’ll talk more about Anime Expo in future post. I actually really did do one of the things on the DONE list: I wrote my review of Return of the Joker finally!

(still) NOT DONE
—clean/declutter desk top
—finish (and finish reviewing) CANAAN (dammit!)
—watch/review Pocahontas, Precious, and The Sky Crawlers
—figure out what to do with the music I don’t listen to (delete? save for later? eh?)
—watch/review Cowboy Bebop, Princess Tutu, Trapeze, and Mnemosyne
—write review of Captive Queen
—wash/dry/fold laundry

Notes: Cleaning and decluttering my desktop requires me to be up in my room, awake, and willing to move stuff around. Ugh. Don’t wanna. As for CANAAN, I actually have a Plan. The Plan is that I bust through the rest of it this week and kick out those reviews and BE DONE with it before I have any serious homework in my creative writing class. The three movies are going to have to wait until I’m bored enough and don’t have anything else that I’ve already begun that needs finishing. Ditching the music I don’t listen to can probably be done in three or four hours (or less, if I don’t actually listen to the songs before I delete them so as to avoid deleting something I may actually want). I’ll have to schedule some time this weekend or next weekend to do that so I can free up some space on my hard drive.

The anime will also have to wait, though I’ve already decided not to blog it episodically like I am with CANAAN because I’ll be stuck on Cowboy Bebop (or whatever) forever if I do that. I haven’t watched any decent anime in so long because I feel like I’m not doing CANAAN justice by not doing what I said I was going to do, which is blog each episode. Ugh; not doing that again if I can help it. And yes, I added Mnemosyne because I read a good review of it and it looks interesting. We shall see. I also finished reading Captive Queen for the Feminist Review and now have to write 300-500 words. Shouldn’t be too hard, as long as I sit down and do it. As for washing/drying/folding the laundry, well… that’s something that just keeps coming up no matter what else I do. I guess I could just not wear clothes to avoid having to wash dirty clothes, but I don’t think even my family would be okay with that.

PRIORITY: (1) write review of Captive Queen, (2) finish (and finish reviewing) CANAAN, (3) figure out what to do with the music I don’t listen to, and (4) wash/dry/fold laundry.

Yes, I know

Remember this to do list? Yeah, well, let’s see how much I’ve completed in the last two and a half weeks.

—be social with family (ugh)
—wash/dry/fold laundry [which will have to be done again soon anyway. ugh]
—write report/paper on Ai (an American poet who died in March)

—figure out which poems to show professor
—clean/declutter desk top
—figure out cosplay for Anime Expo
—finish (and finish reviewing) CANAAN (dammit!)
—watch/review Pocahontas, Precious, and The Sky Crawlers
—finish review of Return of the Joker (which I started like month ago! agh)
—figure out what to do with the music I don’t listen to (delete? save for later? eh?)
—watch/review Cowboy Bebop, Princess Tutu, and Trapeze

A few thoughts: I’ve gotta just give myself permission to give up on CANAAN or else just marathon through it because there’s no way I’m ever going to finish at this rate. At the top of my list (along with CANAAN) should be finishing the damn Return of Joker review because a friend recommended it to me like three months ago and I watched it like two months ago and I should just bang it out and be done with it so I don’t have to think about it anymore. As for the movies: I just want to watch Pocahontas because I’m feeling nostalgic; I’m not sure I want to sit through Precious if it’s as depressing as I’ve heard; and I heard that The Sky Crawlers was the best anime movie of 2009 so how can I turn that down right? Well, none of those are my top priorities, obviously, or I’d’ve made more progress. ::sigh::

Figuring out what to do with my music is just a matter of steeling myself and dumping large portions of files I no longer listen to under the assumption that I won’t miss them when they’re gone. (I guess I could always re-download them if I do miss them, right?) And I’ll be the laughing stock if I don’t watch Cowboy Bebop, apparently, because it’s one of the best animes ever made. ::sigh:: As for the other two animes: they’re on the list on recommendation or personal interest, and I’ve downloaded them already, so I might as well watch them eventually. Thing is, people seem to think that my watching anime is a waste of my time or something, so they think it’s okay to interrupt me and/or be asshats about it.

Also, I’ve still got to declutter my desktop so I can move my computer back upstairs and gather the courage to show my professor (with whom I’ll be taking another class this summer—this time an actual writing class) some of my poetry. There’s potential that he might publish a poem or two in the school’s literary journal. And Anime Expo is creeping up on me, so I either have to find someone to make me a costume for cosplaying, or I have to just scrap the whole idea and go in normal (boring) clothing. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen. Booooorrrrrring.

Honestly, I’ve spent most of my time writing this stupid critical paper on Ai (which I finished early yesterday and is due today, Wednesday, at 10:30 local time) and watching Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick movie reviews. I need to stop watching reviews of movies (TV shows, whatever) and start watching stuff to review myself. Since, you know, that’s all this journal seems good for anymore. … the Dr. Horrible review notwithstanding.