To Do

(haha yes, I have a category tag for “To Do”)

—be social with family (ugh)
—figure out which poems to show professor
—clean/declutter desk top
—wash/dry/fold laundry
—figure out cosplay for Anime Expo
—finish (and finish reviewing) CANAAN (dammit!)
—watch/review Pocahontas, Precious, and The Sky Crawlers
—finish review of Return of Joker (which I started like month ago! agh)
—figure out what to do with the music I don’t listen to (delete? save for later? eh?)
—watch/review Cowboy Bebop, Princess Tutu, and Trapeze
—write report/paper on Ai (an American poet who died in March)

also, this icon is 100% me right now. must write something gooood. gah|fail.

Week of 14 September

Send Katie’s chocolate to Johnny
Manuscript (haha; as if one word really covers it)
Daughters of the American Revolution
Daughters of the Republic of Texas
CANAAN eps. 3-11
Driver’s license
Frame for 501 picture
Do something with tabs
Finish The White Horse
Conversation w/ Phil Brady?
As Easy As Lying

Blue Cross NY membership
The Lace Reader
Lace review
CANAAN ep. 2

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This Week

Send Katie’s chocolate to Johnny
Blue Cross NY membership
Manuscript (haha; as if one word really covers it)
Daughters of the American Revolution
Daughters of the Republic of Texas
Driver’s license
Frame for 501 picture
Do something with tabs
The Lace Reader
The White Horse
As Easy As Lying

Dinner with Daylin and Jonathan on Monday
Cell phone battery on Saturday morning
Mom’s closet on Sunday afternoon
Finish reading The Disappearance of Seth
Review of Seth
Cancel shoe club
Cancel TV Travel
Web journal
Set up doctor’s appointment
Call with Dr. Lennon on Tuesday at 1 PM
Talk to Mom about storage costs
Ask Dad about unreconciled Quicken items

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Blogathon List of Posts

I’m nothing without my lists (as you’ll periodically see if you scan through my journal here, but it’s even worse with a pen and paper—the lists that never even make it to the computer screen are the worst), and I’ve decided that my second post for this Blogathon will be a list of the remaining posts I think I’ll be covering.

(Disclaimer: These may change without notice as the time to actually post draws closer. Think of this list—during the thon, at least—not as rules… but as guidelines. ^_^)

I’ll be sticking this post to the top of the page and linking each of my Blogathon posts here so that you all will be able to find each one without hassle. ^_^ I haven’t been able to come up with 46 new topics in time to post this, so it will eventually fill in as the half hours pass.

01. Welcome to Blogathon 2009!
02. Blogathon List of Posts [that’s this post!]
03. Who I Am
04. Tell all the truth but tell it slant
05. Dad
06. Mom
07. Johnny
08. Bunny
09. Cleo
10. My Cause #1
11. Definitions
12. Games People Play #1
13. Covenant! On the landing above us!
14. Games People Play #2
15. Anime
16. Things I Can’t Live Without
17. Things I CAN Live Without
18. The Other Kittehs
19. Lunch time!
20. Naming in New York #1
21. Poetry
22. Love Where You Live
23. Zombie Plan
24. Half way there!
25. “Friend”
26. Dave
27. Bobby
28. Daylin
29. Yager
30. Dinner at the Duncan House
31. My Cause #2
32. Sleeping
33. Vacation to South Padre Island
34. Sickly
35. Colorguard
36. Checking in at midnight
37. What the psych ward taught me
38. If you fall back into my life
39. Tattoo ideas
40. Emoticon exchange
41. Naming in New York #2
42. My life according to Elton John
43. Much Ado About Nothing
44. Music
45. Your first dawn blinded you, left you cursing the day
46. Thanks to my sponsors!
47. Day Three hundred nine
48. OMG I made it!

As usual, I should be doing something else

I have a list of things to do today, including getting my brother up at 11:30 and walking around the house with my parents so my dad can point out things that need to be worked on while they’re at work, and—you know—my work, too. What’s happened since the last time I made a decent real-life post (sadly, more than a month ago):

1. My sister came out to New York to help me pack all my stuff. We put it into storage.

2. I was able to visit with my cousin, Jenny, and Uncle Doug for a night and the next morning before…

3. I moved out of my apartment in Brooklyn and took the Amtrak train home; I left New York City at 3:55 PM on June 30th and arrived in Los Angeles at 8:15 AM on July 3rd. You do the math.

4. I wrote a whole bunch while I was on the train (I’ll be posting the “train journal” sometime), including this, even though I wasn’t able to post it until after I had internet service again in Los Angeles.

5. I finished Kuroshitsuji (recommended!) and have now officially watched all of House, MD (five seasons). My brother practically force-fed me all of Gurren Lagann as well, so I’ve seen that, too; it was also good, if you liked Eva (by the same guy). I’m currently going through Death Note; next up is Ouran, Chrno Crusade, and Matantei Loki Ragnarok… in no particular order.

6. On July 4th, I celebrated by attending Anime Expo 2009, which was a blast. I wore my yukata and hakama since it’s like the only time I ever get to wear the outfit without feeling out of place. I bought a bunch of yaoi at Expo, of course.

7. I’ll be officially starting my internship with Etruscan Press tomorrow (it will last until late November). I’m still working on my M.A. manuscript, which will be re-presented along with all my MFA stuff for my MFA graduation next January.

8. I still don’t have work. I don’t expect that to change any time soon, in part because there is no work and in part because I’m not looking very hard at the moment. I’m living with my family right now and will deal with… stuff… as it comes along.

I’m tired. I have a lot to do and it seems like never enough time in which to do it.

Well, this worked before

Maybe it’ll work again. I need a real to do list because I keep forgetting what I’m supposed to be doing. I know that’s stupid, but still.

apply for work (30/50 completed)
one in-person interview!
—one phone interview!
file my taxes and update my FAFSA, if necessary
make list of all the books I have here in NY
bookshelf 1, bedroom
—bookshelf 2, bedroom
—bookshelf 3, living room
—bookshelf 4, living room, part 1
—bookshelf 4, living room, part 2
—floor, bedroom
—input all into Excel
holiday gift thank yous
edit manuscript & send out
update finances
create reading list with due dates

After all this is done, I’m allowing myself to see a movie. Maybe Valkyrie, if it’s still playing. Maybe something else, I don’t know.

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TO DO before I go home

HOME at 10:16 PM (PST), 20 December 2008!

pay rent for January
finish unpacking??
organize school work to do at home
mail out holiday_wishes
apply for work (50/50 applications done!)
write letter to Peace of Mind Self Storage canceling service
write letter to Beth/BBPC about health coverage
mail out return
decide what to do with cat for the holiday
update Quicken fully
wash/dry/fold laundry
write thank yous to Yager, the Hoilands, and Sophia
meeting with Lillian on Tues. at 7 pm
pack for trip!
flight out from JFK at 4:59 pm on Sat.