My mom is the one who gets up early. She’s the mover and shaker in the family. My dad is generally laid back, cerebral, and technical; Mom is more high-strung (at least in the short term), emotional, and humanitarian. She’s the kind of person who just wants everyone to get along and be friends. She dislikes violence, even when it’s implied, like watching a uniformed officer pull a sheet over a dead body on Law & Order.

My mom is a psychiatric nursing professor. There’s a history of mental illness in my family, and she stayed in college an extra year because Something Big happened and caused her to change her major from chemistry to psych nursing.

She makes the food. Or rather, she was a Super Mom and basically took on the entire second shift before all the kids went to college. Now that we’re all home again (at least until the end of the summer, when my brother and sister go back to school), we’re taking on some of the household duties, like dinner once per week and cleaning on the cat litter (bleh), but basically, she’s the one who runs everything.

My dad has this joke that my family is like the branches and parts of government. My sister is the Legislative branch because she argues with everyone about nearly anything; my brother is the armed forces (he is the boy, after all, my dad says); I’m the Judicial branch; my mom is the President (she runs things). My dad is the Citizen (he always smiles when he says this)—we all work for him.


My dad. What can I say about him? Well, he works for NASA. His name is Courtney, which means that telemarketers and people who don’t know my family think that he’s a woman and, by extension, that I have lesbian parents… (That’s not true. My dad is a guy. Far as I know, he’s always been a guy.)

He’s a genius; he works for NASA, fer Christ-sakes. He makes things that go into space. I can’t think about that for too long or it’ll blow my mind. I mean, his job is so specialized that I’d have to have a graduate degree in physics or engineering or something to even begin to understand what he does.

He plays piano. He’s a genius at that, too. He got his first undergraduate degree in piano performance. It’s kind of irritating how smart he is, actually.

He’s also a writer, though he’s not trying to be a professional one, like I am. He even has a website: Courtney Duncan, n5bf/6. The letters and numbers at the end there are his Amateur Radio callsign, N5BF. It’s a 1×2 (one by two) callsign, which means there’s one letter, then the number, then two letters. (I have a callsign, too: KG6GXW, which is a 2×3 [two by three].) The number—in my dad’s case, 5—indicates the area in which the callsign was earned. The number at the end, “/6”, indicates the area in which he’s currently living (if it’s not the same as the number the callsign). (While I was living in New York, my callsign was KG6GXW/2, but now that I’m back in the 6 area, it’s just KG6GXW.)

Tell all the truth but tell it slant


Tell all the Truth but tell it slant—
Success in Circuit lies
Too bright for our infirm Delight
The Truth’s superb surprise

As Lightning to the Children eased
With explanation kind
The Truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind—

I believe in writing. I believe in good writing.
I believe writing can change the world, for good or ill.
I believe in truth; without it, we are lost.

It’s my desire to tell the full truth—at least as well as I can—throughout this process. That said, I’ve already mentioned I’m complicated and often contradictory. If I confuse or inadvertently write falsely, I apologize. Because, though I believe in the truth, I often have trouble speaking it. Sometimes I circle it, circle it, circle it but am unable to touch it. I reach out and the truth slips through my fingers and all I’m left with are shadows and lies. I can’t—or won’t—write directly and my readers are left with confusion, loss.

My hope dangles on a string, like slow-spinning redemption. (Tell me that you’ll open your eyes.)

Who I Am

I realized in writing the second post that I don’t have a lot of time to write these things, so they’re going to have to be short. It’s like free writing for 25 minutes and then scrambling to upload/post everything in time to start the next entry!

My name is V.E. Well, those are my initials, obviously. People who know me know my name, and people who really know me even know how to pronounce it. (A close friend of mine will attest to the fact that I rarely correct mispronunciations of my name after the first couple of times; he mispronounced it for almost a year and then chewed me out for not telling him sooner when he finally figured it out.)

I’m a… complicated person, and often contradictory. Hopefully you’ll be able to glean some new information from all these (relatively short) entries from one day in my life. I’m earning an MFA in creative writing and this is—besides being a fundraising opportunity—a good way for me to force myself to write, even if it is just for practice. (Doctors “practice” too, right? Why can’t I?) I don’t know my audience in this case, though I know of at least one person who’ll be reading these entries. If you’re reading along, please comment and/or let me know is some way so I know I’m not writing into the darkness!

I am, if nothing else, a masochistic exhibitionist. And I mean that in the most innocent way possible, of course. ^_^ Why else would I be writing posts every freakin’ half hour and begging people to read them, right? LOL.

I am a poet, editor. I love anime and etymology, history and music. My favorite book is Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. I tend toward dark, strange, and amoral.

Blogathon List of Posts

I’m nothing without my lists (as you’ll periodically see if you scan through my journal here, but it’s even worse with a pen and paper—the lists that never even make it to the computer screen are the worst), and I’ve decided that my second post for this Blogathon will be a list of the remaining posts I think I’ll be covering.

(Disclaimer: These may change without notice as the time to actually post draws closer. Think of this list—during the thon, at least—not as rules… but as guidelines. ^_^)

I’ll be sticking this post to the top of the page and linking each of my Blogathon posts here so that you all will be able to find each one without hassle. ^_^ I haven’t been able to come up with 46 new topics in time to post this, so it will eventually fill in as the half hours pass.

01. Welcome to Blogathon 2009!
02. Blogathon List of Posts [that’s this post!]
03. Who I Am
04. Tell all the truth but tell it slant
05. Dad
06. Mom
07. Johnny
08. Bunny
09. Cleo
10. My Cause #1
11. Definitions
12. Games People Play #1
13. Covenant! On the landing above us!
14. Games People Play #2
15. Anime
16. Things I Can’t Live Without
17. Things I CAN Live Without
18. The Other Kittehs
19. Lunch time!
20. Naming in New York #1
21. Poetry
22. Love Where You Live
23. Zombie Plan
24. Half way there!
25. “Friend”
26. Dave
27. Bobby
28. Daylin
29. Yager
30. Dinner at the Duncan House
31. My Cause #2
32. Sleeping
33. Vacation to South Padre Island
34. Sickly
35. Colorguard
36. Checking in at midnight
37. What the psych ward taught me
38. If you fall back into my life
39. Tattoo ideas
40. Emoticon exchange
41. Naming in New York #2
42. My life according to Elton John
43. Much Ado About Nothing
44. Music
45. Your first dawn blinded you, left you cursing the day
46. Thanks to my sponsors!
47. Day Three hundred nine
48. OMG I made it!

Welcome to Blogathon 2009!

Wow! It’s just before 6:30 AM here on the West Coast as I’m typing this, and I’m welcoming myself (and you all, of course!) to Blogathon 2009! I got up at 4 in the morning and am now, at around 6:15, typing this bleary-eyed from wanting to still be asleep! (I couldn’t sleep, so I just decided to get up, though I know I’ll be kicking myself for getting up earlier than I meant to later during the Blogathon.) I’ll get better (and then worse, probably) as the day goes on. As per the rules, I’ll be updating my journal 48 times in the 24 hours which began at 6 AM PDT. That means that my first post is this one, at 6:30, and my last one will be tomorrow morning at roughly 6 AM.

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, I’m blogging for The Sex Workers Project (SWP).

Let the blogging madness begin!
Ganbatte! (No joke!)

Blogathon 2009

This’ll be my first year blogging for Blogathon. It’s this Saturday, starting at 6 AM Pacific Time, for 24 hours—with a post roughly every half hour. Read your heart out, Zekor: that means I’ll be posting forty-eight times in 24 hours.

Any donations from my efforts will be going towards The Sex Workers Project (SWP), which “provides legal services and legal training, and engages in documentation and policy advocacy, for sex workers. Using a harm reduction and human rights model, [they] protect the rights and safety of sex workers who by choice, circumstance, or coercion remain in the industry.”

I’m blogging for SWP because I have a personal stake and history in sex work. In college, I was more involved than I should have been. I did things I regret, but I was able to get away, but I learned that sex workers have very few rights in any sense of the word. You know that “joke” asking, “If you rape a prostitute, is it ‘theft of services’?” (Ha ha ha *puke*) Yeah, well, that kind of thing really pisses me off. So, this coming Saturday, I’m blogging to support the work that The Sex Workers Project does.

I won’t be blogging about sex work or sex workers necessarily—though I probably will have at least one post about it—but any money raised will be going to SWP, a great cause. I hope you’ll consider donating so that I’ll have a reason to stay up all day and night and post! (Not that I don’t think it’s a fun idea anyway, of course…)


Any amount will help, even a dollar. Please?

(PS: If you’re uncomfortable donating to SWP, please check out one of these great blogs and consider sponsoring them in their efforts. Thanks very much.)