Yeah, I know you want some

This is from pages 11 and 12 of my manuscript, which I’m working on for this year’s NaNoWriMo. Not exactly kosher, but I’m working it for my benefit, so I still think it counts.

That counselor and I never really had a good relationship, either.

There was an after school festival with carnival-like activities, and each kid in daycare handled one of the booths; the more difficult-to-handle booths (and the more difficult-to-handle kids) had adult supervision, but mine wasn’t one of those. I started eating the candy I was supposed to give out for prizes—Tootsie Rolls, mostly—and the same counselor walked by and caught me slipping a piece into my pocket.

“What are you doing?” she asked, her eyes narrowed like she already knew.

“Nothing,” I said. “Sitting at the booth, like I’m supposed to. Waiting for someone to come by and play.”

“No, I saw you just take a piece of candy.”

I rolled my eyes. She didn’t like that.

“Did you just take a piece of candy?”

“No, that was a piece I won before.” I rolled my eyes again like it was obvious.

She pulled me out of the booth and into the shade off to the side of the festival. “Don’t lie to me. I saw you take that Tootsie Roll. You haven’t left that booth since the beginning; there’s no way you could’ve won it ‘before’.”

I rolled my eyes again. “It’s my candy.”

“I saw you steal it, you little—” She stopped and took a deep breath to avoid calling me some bad name. “And if you roll your eyes at me one more time, I’m going to pull you from this festival and call your parents.”

I rolled my eyes before I could help myself. She growled, pulled me by the arm back toward the daycare classrooms, and set me in a chair while she called home. I don’t remember what she said, or what they said. I pulled the Tootsie Roll out of my pocket while she was across the room on the phone and gleefully unwrapped it. She watched me, warning me with her eyes, but I ignored her. I put the candy in my mouth and tossed the wrapper on the floor. She hung up the phone.

“Spit that out right now,” she said, holding her hand out underneath my chin for me to comply. I chewed, chewed, and swallowed before spitting Tootsie Roll juice into her hand. She pulled away in disgust. I rolled my eyes; she was such a teacher.

She’d about had it. “You’re not leaving this seat until your parents come to pick you up.” That was fine by me; the festival was boring anyway. I crossed my arms over my chest and hunkered down to wait.

NaNo 2009

You may follow my progress, as outlined here, by clicking the pretty picture (to the right).

Why the hell is this in November again? Why not… April or something? I’m off to a slow start, but it’ll get better as the month wears on, I hope.

Having to type in the “total word count” every day is irritating, though, because each of my chapters is in a new document. I don’t think linearly, so I work on each piece as it comes to me, which means I could very well write in three or four sections per day.

*sigh* That’s just the way it is.

It’s… NaNoWriMo TIME

Yes, it is indeedy that time of year again; a time when we all come together and…


…in an effort to get down on paper an entire novel (50,000 words or more).

It’s NaNoWriMo: November 1st-30th “thirty days and nights of literary abandon!”

I will be doing things a little differently this year.

Here’s the thing. I’m working on an MFA… finishing it up (in theory) this semester. I’m writing book reviews and working on my manuscript like a crazy woman. I will be using NaNoWriMo this year to FINISH once and for all my manuscript and top off my book reviews and what not. That said, I will be keeping track of my word count (reviews + manuscript) and will consider it a success if I write 50,000 words all told.

Not technically participating, I guess, but I think it’s for a good cause, and if I tried to do NaNoWriMo the old fashioned way—writing 50,000 words on top of what I already have to do—I’d just keel over and die half way through, probably.

Irregular Roundup #9

This is gonna be fast and furious because I am tired of all the crap awesomeness in my Firefox tabs.

The LCHS Band/Colorguard website a’la Spring 2000. Haha, check out the old school.

Hahaha this is awesome: TranslationParty. Pretty self-explanatory, and pretty addicting.

A course on sex-trafficking with only one hurdle.

As if I needed more bad news: graduating during the recession has long-lasting negative consequences.

Electron Band Structure in Germanium, My Ass. That is all.

Japanese lessons in English from NHK World, one of Japan’s leading broadcasting stations. Also, how to get a Japanese scholarship, 8 ways to win unlimited Japanese lessons, and Is learning Japanese not popular anymore? Also, the Tokyo Filter.

I want an Underground-Sign. *pout* “20th Avenue” would be awesome, thanks.

Gearing up for NaNo (cough*yeahright*cough) part 1: How to write a novel in 30 days.

Novel-Ts… I think I want the Poe one with the heart on it.. because I’m morbid like that.

Singing horses from the guy behind Owl City. He just found it somewhere, I think, but it’s still cute. Click to make them sing; click again to make them stop.

Project Implicit will let you know how racist you really are (among other things). We’ll see. I may give this subject its own post after I take some of the tests there.

Going abroad for me has always meant Japan, Germany, or Great Britain. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough non-English to really get around, and I’ve heard Australia’s beautiful, so I may put it on my list.

R.A. Heinlein’s This I Believe essay for the radio series of the same name from the ’50s hosted by Edward R. Murrow.

A fellow MA/MFA student from Wilkes wrote this short piece about the small things and I love it.

In ‘N Out’s secret menu and the Bible verses on their containers.

Main page for the National Writers Union.

California motorcycle safety program… for people who want to earn a motorcycle license in Cali. If I move again soon, I’ll have to figure out the requirements for where ever that is.

—Jedem das Seine

Tom [Cruise] to eat [Katie Holme’s baby’s] placenta

London – Tom Cruise has revealed he plans to eat his new baby’s placenta, reports.

Cruise’s fiancé is due to give birth in the next few days.

According to the Mirror Tom said: “I’m gonna eat the placenta. I thought that would be good. Very nutritious. I’m gonna eat the cord and the placenta right there.”

The actor has even been carrying out his own medical scans on the foetus after buying himself an ultrasound machine.

Tom also revealed he and Katie have been preparing for the birth by studying at their Beverly Hills home.

He said: “We’ve been studying what a woman goes through. What happens to her body. It’s just kind of becoming this fun game of learning.”

Cruise said his sex life with Katie had made him realise one-night stands were “horrible”.

He added: “Great sex is a by-product for me of a great relationship, where you have communication. It’s an extension of that. If you’re not in good communication with your partner, it sucks.”


NaNo is done with.

Okay, so I’m dropping out of the NaNoWriMo race to 50,000 words in a month. I’m still going to be working on the novel that I’ve begun, but I’m not prepared to do it all in one month.

Last night I had a panic attack so bad that I thought I was having a heart attack. I’m not kidding. I thought I was going to die. I called my mom and she was like, okay time for a really hot shower, some Ativan (an anti-freak-out med), and some advil. I stood in the shower crying because my back hurt so much it made my entire chest hurt too.

I love writing, but I don’t love anything enough for me to do it after a sign like that. I have school and bills to pay and I don’t need something like panic attacks just “helping” me along the way.

I’m not disappointed. I’m listening to my body for once and it’s telling me, “This is too much–just wait a while and we can try again soon.” It’s not failure; it’s postponed success, and I can handle that.