Herein lies all of my icons.

Look up, Dean Dean Winchester Long live the Queen Heero and Duo Sherlock and John Keep calm and carry on Weeping Angel What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? asdfghjkl; Sherlock: the look red stars reading one book is like eating one potato chip If your product was so good, you wouldn't need sexism to sell it. O_O >_< Rock paper scissors lizard Spock *extra cool eyeroll* Sherlock and John, laughing It's not a date. Keep Calm and Twirl On John Watson Sherlock Holmes xkcd: I love the whole world Treize: Different day, same headache I believe in: proper grammar, correct spelling, and the use of the Oxford comma. LOLLERSKATES Keith Olberman: no violence Heero Yuy: writing yaoi fanfiction Gundam Wing: comfortable silence Duo Maxwell: smarter than you think Duo Maxwell: No one messes with Shinigami and lives! Duo Maxwell: hit me with your best shot Duo Maxwell: It's ass kicking time! Better watch now because things could go wrong in a hurry 1x2x1 Death = nap + forever the biggest Ella Fitzgerald ever Girl drowning Library Snow White Love Yaoi Starfighter: no h8 a Lady's mask Tales from Earthsea: Theru Tales from Earthsea: Arren Go on, clap. Clean all the things? Enchantress Staggering genius worked for Shakespeare Novel or be eaten. National Novel Writing Month Hit it. Nathaniel Hawthorne Joseph Heller Carlos Fuentes Are those men kissing? I said nothing. Fullmetal Alchemist Parry Lemme see! Joker heart Hermione walks Half horse Agreeable Oh Noes (desu) Six hours later Masked woman All smiles Tits or GTFO... penis is fine too Brushing hair Eccentricity Not my Charizard Sherlock title What up Holmes Yes, I believe so. Holmes Watson looking Death and baby Shinigami: badass since AC 195 Teach me how to fly fall I'll take care of you. Duo Preventer You won't like me when I'm angry. Yes, I am the Queen of Hearts. Mad kitty is mad. Duncan disce pati Awesome jacket; yes, it is. L Writing = life I love hate you. Batman Joker dance Heaven? Hells yes. Whatchoodoin'? Damn right. Buffy WIllow Darkness left herein Rose petals Sexy legs Measure your life in love. mrr mrr mrr. Seras: prepare to be PWNED. Aww... I wanted to explode! Dance Heroine addict Why didn't I ask for today off? YA RLY Duo dog Soda Starbuck resistance Oh, Edward. Shine on, you prissy diamond. As you wish. Madness takes its toll; please have exact change. Abuse me more; I like it. Christina Ricci neck Duo hamster: Run! Woman in swing Rainbow Brite Color Kids Mulan reflection Starbuck profile The gene pool could use a little chlorine. xkcd playpen balls TaTu lipstick When in doubt: klingons attack! When in doubt: Kirk/Spock Frog princess kiss We're all mad here... Lady Amedeus Do Not Want Different Athena Helo Never Back Down My Last Amen

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